Google Search Gets Dark Mode, but Search Ads Become Harder To See

Google has finally joined the Dark Mode club, allowing users to turn their Google homepage into a darker version of its original self, making it easier on the eyes.

But, when looking through google search results, the Ad label against black background becomes much more difficult to see when compared to the light background.

Dark Mode has been in the testing phase for a few months now, and it won’t be shocking if this darker version of Google begins to officially roll out to everybody soon.

Example of a Google search result with a black background and one with a white background
Source – Search Engine Land

If you have the ability to enable Dark Mode, IONOS is here to let us know how to do it here:

“If you prefer to enable it automatically, you need to launch Chrome dark mode by changing operating system settings. But be careful: If you do this, you will not only enable the Chrome dark theme, you will enable dark mode for your entire device. Your mail folder, the default calendar, and all system menus will appear in dark mode. If you don’t want this and are only interested in Google Chrome night mode, you will need to enable it manually.”

Read more here.

Source – Search Engine Land

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