Google Opens Image Extension Beta, Adds Countdowns To Responsive Search Ads

Back in May, Google announced that it was going to sunset gallery ads and move forward with image extensions. On July 15, Google launched an image beta and even added dynamic countdown functionality to responsive ads.

Image extensions, when enabled and activated, will show a single right-justified image alongside your text ad. The beta is open for responsive search (RSA) and expanded ads (ETA).

There are two different extensions options – either upload images that are relevant to your ads, or allow Google to dynamically pull images from your web site.

It is recommended that images be square with the size of 1200 x 1200 pixels.

If you want to see if you’re eligible, ask your account rep if you have one. According to Google, image extensions have been found to improve both conversions and click-through rates using image extensions with responsive search ads.

Now it’s possible to inject dynamic ad copy into your responsive search ads with countdown ad customizers. With countdowns, you can inject a sense of urgency into your ads by dynamically showing when a promotion is ending.

The syntax, which is triggered by a curly bracket, is the same as it is with ETAs. Just set your end date, the number of days out the countdown should begin and if it should reflect your account’s time zone or the ad viewer’s time zone.

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