Adobe Launches Commerce-Based Microservices Across Its Clouds

This week, Adobe announced a variety of new Experience Cloud features, including the introduction of commerce-based, accessible microservices.

Errol Denger, director of Commerce Program said that these 20 microservices are flexible, portable programs offering such functions as shopping cart, wish list and inventory query.  Adobe, according to Denger, is the first provider of marketing-focused clouds to offer these functions as microservices.

All of the microservices will consist of a business object, business logic and connectors between business and commerce platforms, and the services support unlimited loads.

These commerce functions, through microservices. are available with identical messaging, user flow and functions across Adobe’s clouds, and the client companies that use Adobe’s platforms can modify them via JavaScript in order to make messaging or user flow conform with their brand.

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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