Cyber Monday Shopping Shatters Sales Records, Beats Expectations

During Cyber Monday this year, consumers spent $7.9 billion, which made this year the biggest shopping day in U.S. history according to Adobe Analytics figures released Tuesday.  This year is 19.3 higher than last year.

This last holiday shopping season online has broken a number of records and established new trends, including the highest sales for Black Friday and Thanksgiving.

Despite the surge in mobile sales, conversions on smartphones trailed behind desktops and tablets.

Even thought here was a surge in mobile sales, conversions on smartphones trailed behind desktops and tablets.

During these massive holiday sales, marketers may want to consider discounts and other incentives well before Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, as well as an emphasis on Thanksgiving Day shoppers.

It’s become clear that with more than $2 million spent shopping on smartphones on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, mobile shopping is here to stay. Marketers should prioritize an easy-to-use, pleasant mobile experience.

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  • Customers want convenience. Over last year, the number of BOPIS shoppers increased 50 percent on Black Friday and a whopping 65 percent on Cyber Monday. Adobe says it’s “a sign that retailer investments to bridge offline and online experiences are paying dividends.”
  • It’s not just the big box retailers. Shopify reported that its merchants generated more than $1.5 billion in sales throughout the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.
  • That’s a lot of shopping. Adobe says that in the 24 hours of Cyber Monday, Americans spent a combined 11,000 thousand years, or 95 million hours, on online shopping.
  • Watch your inventory. Out-of-stock messages Cyber Monday cost retailers up to $177 million in potential sales.

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