Adobe Unveils Its Next-Generation Marketing Cloud

adobe-logo-bannerAs of today, March 22, Adobe has unleashed what they are describing as the next-gen version of its Marketing Cloud.

For the director of product marketing Kevin Lindsay, “Marketing is really the experience business.”  This was said during a press briefing, adding that the newest release of their Marketing Cloud enlarges the Cloud’s customer experience capabilities.  These features include:

  • There are a lot of additions, according to the announcement made during the company’s Summit conference in Las Vegas.
  • New algorithmic-based features to enhance customer experience and marketers’ insights
  • A new Cross-Device Co-op
  • The new developer portal
  • A deeper integration of Adobe’s online TV tools with Marketing Cloud.

There’s an article written for Marketing Land that describes the features in more detail, written by .  To find out more about the new release of the newest Marketing Cloud, check out the following link and read on!

Marketing Land: Adobe Unveils Its Next-Generation Marketing Cloud

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