TikTok Shares New Holiday Marketing Guide to Assist with Strategic Planning (Infographic)

If you’re contemplating on using TikTok as part of this year’s holiday marketing strategy, then you might be on the right path to success. Even after all this time after the app’s release in 2016, TikTok continues to see new users, all while to leading the app download charts.

Since TikTok is incredibly popular with the younger crowds, that is a great place to spread brand awareness and demand for most businesses. If you’re thinking about a holiday marketing strategy, then you might want to think about utilizing TikTok as a potential source of new customers and users.

TikTok recently published part one of its 2021 Holiday Marketing guide, and will provide even more tips next week.

Check out the overview here.

TikTok Holiday Planning Guide

Source – Social Media Today

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