Salesforce To Acquire Data Analytics Platform Tableau

On June 10, Salesforce announced that it has entered into a deal to acquire the popular analytics and data visualization platform Tableau for $15.7 billion. This move is is another move by the CRM that delivers technology and tools that should bring better data, as well as an understanding of that data to its users.

“Joining forces with Salesforce will enhance our ability to help people everywhere see and understand data,” said Adam Selipsky, president and CEO of Tableau.

It seems that the analytics industry is pretty big right now seeings how recent acquisitions like this and the deal between Google and Looker last week are big indicators that data is something many have been asking for. This is something marketers have wanted for quite a while.

It can be challenging to extract valuable insights from data, and people learn and absorb more information visually. This can be both a useful and time-consuming task, but with Tableau’s capabilities, this should relieve the heavy-lift for digital marketers. It will let people focus on insights, rather than being “stuck” in data.

The deal is expected to close by October 31.

SourceJennifer Cannon

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