McDonald’s Latest Tech Move Aims To Bring Voice-Based, Conversational Ordering To The Dining Experience

In an announcement by McDonald’s Corporation, it has entered an agreement to acquire voice-based technology provider, Apprente. This will make the second tech acquisition the company made this year. McDonald’s bough personalization and decision logic technology Dynamic Yield back in April, hoping that to have it working in all US and Australian drive-thrus by the end of this year. It looks like McDonalds wants to deliver a tech-driven dining experience to its customers.

The Apprente team is joining McDonald’s Corporation as the founding members of an internal group within the Global Technology Team that will be called McD Tech Labs. McDonalds expects to grow its presence in Silicon Valley by hiring additional engineers, data scientists and other advanced technology experts.

With the combination of Apprente’s voice-based conversation technology and Dynamic Yield’s personalization technology, McDonald’s customers could be having a really different experience when placing an order. Since McDonalds is such a huge brand, if this can be pulled off successfully, this could set a new standard for fast food and could increase customer expectations for a more personalized interaction with the food industry.

With the expansion of the company’s corporate footprint in Silicon Valley, it could end up attracting some top talent through recruitment and innovation.

“McDonald’s commitment to innovation has long inspired our team. It was quite clear from our various engagements that McDonald’s is leading the industry with technology” said Itamar Arel, Ph.D., co-founder of Apprente and Vice President of McD Tech Labs. “Apprente was borne out of an opportunity to use technology to solve challenging real world problems and we’re thrilled to now apply this to creating personalized experiences for customers and crew.” 

SourceJennifer Cannon

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