Spotify Podcast Ads Can Now Track Impressions, Reach And Audience Data

A new suite of marketing tools for podcast advertisers have been released by Spotify, which now makes it possible to view impressions, frequency, reach and audience demographic information for the ads. The announcement came out on January 8.

The metrics tools are supported by Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI), Spotify’s new podcast ad technology, and utilizes data from platform’s logged-in audience in tandem with its streaming audio service.

Source: Spotify

Podcast publishers and advertisers are being offered data on real-time ad impression, reach (the number of unique listeners who heard an ad), frequency (the number of times a listener heard an ad) and anonymized audience information such as age, gender, device type and listening preferences.

The anonymized demographic data was first released for podcast publishers in August, 2019.

Users are being required to login, providing the company with basic demographic data on the listener. This shift from downloading episodes via RSS feeds to streaming in regards to audience preference has enabled companies to obtain more information on listening habits.

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