Blog Looks To Solve Content Marketing Attribution Challenges, a content marketing and analytics provider, has rolled out the first generally available release of Conversions. This will allow marketers to address content attribution challenges of conversion reporting. It lets users select different attribution models for assigning credit to content. This solution includes features like labels that can be applied to categorize conversion actions.

“This release includes a conversions report that shows which content converts the most readers, which content contributes to the most conversions (even if it’s not converting directly on the content itself), and which types of conversions content drives best,” the company said in the announcement.

For a lot of marketers, being able to determine how and what content is contributing to conversions can be difficult. There are those who have teams dedicated to stringing together data in order to understand the impact content has on their businesses. Since marketing campaigns are becoming more and more complex and are spreading across multiple channels, it can become unclear as to what content or touchpoint is actually driving conversions.

The report shows a topline view of when conversions occurred. Source:

With, users can select one of three different attribution models when building a conversion report:

  1. Last touch
  2. Linear
  3. Pages before before conversion

Being able to select based on the needs of the brand or campaign strategy will be beneficial to multichannel marketers, as well as benefit users with experimenting with different attribution models.


SourceJennifer Cannon

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