AdStage Launches Google Sheets Add-on For Cross-Channel Campaign Data

Now AdStage, a cross-channel campaign analytics and optimization platform, is getting a new data connector for Google Sheets.

Launched Thursday, AdStage for Google Sheets is an add-on that allows users to import their paid search campaigns, social campaigns and analytics data from AdStage into Google sheets with a one query. AdStage supports paid search and social networks, including Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics.

This platform has been in beta for about six months. Now that it’s officially rolled out, the product pricing is based on media spend and starts at $29 per month. The license includes unlimited users and unlimited accounts.

AdStage for Google Sheets is available from the Add-ons menu in Google Sheets. After it’s installed, you’ll get a sidebar in Google Sheets. The sidebar interface isn’t fancy, and is designed for somewhat technical marketers who can either learn or already know how to build queries. The query structure is straightforward, and there are several query templates that are immediately accessible for use.

The point to this AdStasge for Google Sheets is getting blended data calls to pull in data from several different channels with a single query. With that, you can then build reporting dashboards in Google Sheets.

You can do that, or as another option, you can bring it into Google Data Studio. AdStage for Google Sheets uses the same API as the rest of the platform. This means that any data you can access in AdStage should be accessible in Google Sheets with a query.

“We are using AdStage for Google Sheets to combine cost and campaign performance data for the entire company to consume and work with. Without any integration work, we were able to aggregate all of our publisher accounts and blend complex cross-channel data into a single sheet,” said beta user Arndt Voges, head of growth at space rental company Peerspace, in a statement.

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