How To Capitalize On The Competitive Advantage Of Real-Time Data Analysis

With the Real-Time report in Google Analytics, users can monitor website activity as it actually occurs on your website or app.  The report is constantly getting update, while the website activity is reported only a few seconds later.  This can give marketers immediate real-time data that can provide unique and valuable insight.

There are a number of ways you can use real-time reporting, like gauging the effectiveness of your mobile app through event tracking and monitoring one-day promotions on your site.  In her post,  focus’ on and recommends marketers use Google’s Real-time  report for three specific things:

  1. To quickly monitor results for short-term campaigns or promotional efforts.
  2. To track immediate interaction with newly published content.
  3. To test and verify Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager implementation.

Real-Time Overview

The Real-Time report contains an Overview plus five specific reports:

  • Location report.
  • Traffic Sources report.
  • Content report.
  • Events report.
  • Conversion report.

Each report is described below with suggestions on how marketers should use them to analyze real-time website data and improve marketing results.

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