Google Updates ‘Ad Settings’ Which Allows Users To Turn Off Targeting Signals

Google’s Ad Settings feature has been updated to give users more options for limiting ad personalization and is expanding the “Why this ad?” notices across all services that display Google Ads.

The changes let users turn off some of the interest signals that Google uses for targeting ads.  You can find the options in the “Personal info and privacy” section of users’ account Ad Setting.

Users can manage their ad settings and opt out of letting Google personalize ads per data it collects on users, including information based on user’s actions, information a users has added to their Google account, or data Google’s partner-advertisers have shared with Google about the user.

“This information helps make ads more relevant and useful to you. However, in the new Ad Settings, if you no longer want us to tailor your ads based on one of these factors you can choose to turn it off,” writes Google Product Manager Philippe de Lurand Pierre-Paul.

If you turn off an ad targeting signal, it will be applied to Google Ads across all Google services, including websites and apps that run Google ads.

Google is expanding where its “Why this ad?” shows up.  Now, all Google services that show Google Ads, such as Google Play, Gmail, YouTube, Maps and Search, will include the notice on ads, along with most of Google’s partner websites and apps that display Google Ads.

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