Over 50% Of Enterprise Brands Are Seeing A 7X Return On Amazon Advertising

It’s been a year since the pandemic lockdowns have begun, which means we are forced to stay at home and change how we live our lives. Because of this sudden change, American consumers spent 44% more online in 2020 than in 2019.

Over 1000 enterprise to Fortune 500 companies were surveyed by Feedvisor where they gave information about e-commerce strategies over the last year. It would seem that what the survey found was that a majority of those where surveyed achieved success with Amazon and the in-platform advertising:

  • 78% of brands surveyed are currently selling on the platform (up from 55% in 2019)
  • 88% of brands use Amazon’s advertising platform (up 21% from 2019)
  • 51% of brands said they saw a return of 7x or more (39% of brands see between a 4x–6x return)

Source – Marketing Land

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