Why Digital Commerce Marketers Shouldn’t ‘Go Dark’ During COVID

“We were doing a lot of our own research and what we found is that brands that go dark during recession, depression or even crisis-type periods have a very difficult time climbing back up the mountain once things begin to normalize,” said Tony Verre, VP of e-commerce at Integer Group.

In a digital commerce marketing session of Live with Search Engine Land, Verre, Kaitlin McGrew, senior SEM strategist at PMG and Bryant Garvin, CMO of Groove Life, talked about why prioritizing marketing momentum is the best strategy for retail marketers, as a good number of them have seen demand skyrocket.

“We do not think that it’s best to go dark,” said Kaitlin McGrew, SEM strategist for PMG, “there is an opportunity — if you are doing well right now — to pull budget forward to support strong conversion volume.”

SourceGeorge Nguyen

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