Almost 70% Of Digital Ad Spending Going To Google, Facebook, Amazon, Says Analyst Firm

Amazon, Google and Facebook are three of the top ad platforms in the US, and together, they earn about 70% of all digital ad dollars spent according to eMarketer.

68.1% of digital ad spending is collected by these three companies, according to the latest estimates by the firm. It’s comparable when mobile advertising is broken out (69%). This represents about $73 billion between the three companies when using the IAB’s full-year 2018 spending estimates.

According to eMarketer, Amazon owns 38% of e-commerce. This represents a large revision downward from its estimate almost 50% a year ago. 83% of social ad spending is controlled by Facebook.

Source: eMarketer estimates (2019)

By comparison, the IAB said that in Q4 2018, “75% of internet advertising revenues [were] concentrated with the top 10 leading ad-selling companies.” This suggests a slightly more competitive market than eMarketer’s estimates indicate, but not by much. The IAB added that the concentration of digital ad revenue in the top 10 “has fluctuated between 69% and 77% over the past ten years.”

Factual and Lawless Research conducted a recent survey of 700 in-house and agency marketers and found that they were spend about 43% of their ad budgets on Facebook, Google and Amazon.

Because of that, there is an apparent gap between this self-reported depending data and eMarketer’s estimates.

The following chart shows the annual advertising budgets spend on Google, Facebook and Amazon.

SourceGreg Sterling

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