Improve Product Ranking with Amazon Advertising by Evan Facinger

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Now, the Amazon advertising platform is very exciting. It is the third largest; it is only behind Google and Facebook. And you combine that with the fact that the shoppers on Amazon, they are there, ready to buy, ready to make a purchase, and that it has actually surpassed Google for product searches — it is a great opportunity for paid advertising professionals to dive into the Amazon platform and really take advantage of its capabilities.

The A9 Algorithm

One of the things that Amazon relies on with its product search is the A9 algorithm. That is how it determines what products should rank higher than others. Now, text match relevancy is very important for the A9 algorithm, but it goes well beyond that. Amazon wants to sell products, so when it is analyzing the click-through rates, the conversion rates, and the sales velocity for that product to determine where it could rank.

Now, once you understand that Amazon wants to sell products, you can understand how you can use the advertising platform to really manipulate that aspect and help your product gain in the organic ranking. When using Amazon Advertising to focus on improving your product’s ranking organically, the first thing you want to focus on is keywords.


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