Bottos Launches A Marketplace For Data To Train AI Models

There are large number of marketing platforms that utilizes artificial intelligence, such as predicative modeling that recognizes patterns.

But, as with even real humans, an AI engine needs to be trained with lots of examples in order to recognize patterns and to find insights.

Bottos, which is a Singapore-based startup, says that the cost of data to train the model can take up half the budget for an AI or predictive modeling project.  In order to reduce both the cost and hassle, the company launched a public beta of a blockchain-based Data Marketplace this week.  Next month, a full release version is expected to launch late next month.

This marketpleace is the first decentralized app, (or DApp), on Botto’s open-source public blockchain.  Xin Song, the co-founder of Bottos, said that the custom-made blockchain is the backbone for an ecosystem based around various AI applications.

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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