Startup Mobius Network Launches ‘Stripe-Like’ API For Blockchain Access

As blockchain technology settles into becoming the backbone of a new software ecosystem, startups are starting to work on ways of tying the new and old worlds together.

One of the businesses, a startup called Mobius Network, has recently launched a universal API that connects any application, website, web application, device or data source to a blockchain.

The offering is one of the fist that gives marketers’ sites or applications ready access to blockchain-based tokens for customer rewards, and to blockchain-recorded transactional transparency.

David Gobaud, CEO and founder of the San Francisco based company, said that he undertook the company because, when in the process of developing a game, he envisioned utilizing blockchain-based tokens.  But, he said, it requires setting up “a massive infrastructure, [and] we get rid of that.”

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