Three Psychological Features Of A Landing Page That Make People Click

World_Travel___Tourism_airplane_landing_018988_You work your butt off trying to make your website as awesome as possible, and you’re proud of the work you put into it, but the only downside is that  you are hardly getting anybody to get past the landing page.  Let me tell you, I have been there myself.  If a user lands on a particular landing page and you’re waiting for them to convert and you find that they end up just bouncing, it can be mighty disappointing.

There is quite a few types of landing pages that can impact your conversion rate.  At first, you would think that in order to get a better conversion rate for that page, you would have to do some major changes, but in reality, it can be as simple as a color change or different font.  Something as basic as this can spell the difference between good conversions and low to no conversions.

There are at least three general features that all the great landing pages having in common.  These reasons are really all about what people click on and why the act and decide on.  When it comes down to it, it’s all about the psychology, it’s all about what people think.  You have to be able to get into the heads of your customers.

These three features mentioned a moment ago are all built upon this idea, the idea of buyer psychology.  So what are these three features that can help determine if a person converts based on your landing page?   has these features for you in his post, “Three Psychological Features Of A Landing Page That Make People Click“.  To check them out, click on over to his post on Marketing Land by following the link provided below

Marketing Land: Three Psychological Features Of A Landing Page That Make People Click

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