Google Ads Automated Messaging Through Business Profiles Frequently Asked Questions

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A new feature was added to Google’s Business Profiles that would help automate some responses to questions submitted through business’ Google Maps And Google Search business listings.

This new feature can be managed through the FAQs section of the messaging section.

As a business, you can suggest questions people would normally ask a business such as yours when they start a chat, and then set up automated responses to those questions.

To find it, search for “my business” on your business name, then click on the “Customers” button and click on “Messages.” Here, you’ll find three vertical dots that you can click on, where you can then click on “Message settings” and then “Manage frequently asked questions.”

This was firsts spotted by Stefan Somborac, who explained that you can create up to ten FAQs. Each question can have up to 40 characters, and each answer has a limit of 500 characters. Links can be included in the answers as well.

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