Google Ads Releases New Performance Max Features

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Released in May of 2021, Google Ads Performance Max is a type of goal-based campaign type that allows performance advertisers to access their Google Ads inventory from one campaign. Performance Max works together with keyword-based Search campaigns, helping you find more converting customers.

Google has really pushing Performance Max campaigns to advertisers by announcing three new features that will soon be rolling out in the coming weeks.

The three features inclueds:

  • Customer Acquisition Goal – This goal type allows you to either bid for more new customers that are similar to existing companies, or focus on optimizations on new customers only.
  • Consumer Interest Insights – This update lets advertisers see search themes that are driving conversion.
  • One-Click Upgrade Tool – When this tool is used to migrate, your respective campaigns will become a new and separate Performance Max campaign. Everything will be transferred over, including budgets, settings and learnings.

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