Google Ads Launches Manager Account Dashboards

On April 13, Google announced that dashboards can now be used at the manager account level.

The dashboard is broken down in these areas:

  • Top Level summary
  • Conversions over time
  • Top search terms
  • Campaign Performance Report
  • Search Auction Insights
  • Top Locations
Image of management account dashboard on computer screen
Source: Google

The announcement also said that the following improvements have been made as well:

  • Change date ranges and filters for the dashboard as a whole.
  • Add interactive table cards, rich formatting features, and conditional formatting.
  • Download reports faster and at a higher quality.
  • Resize cards and layouts dynamically based on window size.
  • Create a dashboard card by copying over existing saved reports.

To check out the new feature, you can go to the “Reports” menu and click on “Dashboards” in the Google Ads manager account.

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