Vox Media’s New Ad Network Connects Advertisers To Local Media Audiences

Vox Media has launched Concert Local, an advertising solution that will help brands scale regional messaging by connecting them with publishers and smaller media brands at a local level.

Concert Local is an extension of Concert, which is the company’s programmatic ad platform that came out in 2016. Concert advertisers can buy ads across Vox-owned properties, along with other syndicated outlets using Vox’s first-party audience data and “brand safe” approach.

With Vox, users will have access to premium environments at scale with its Athena ad unit, which is a creative canvas that publishers can integrate for “non-disruptive” ad experiences. These ad types are meant to load in-freed without covering up content or slowing down page performance.

Concert Local is suited to small and medium sized advertisers who wants to scale their messages locally. If you’re running a larger brand, Concert Local offers a way to diversify messaging channels and reach local audiences outside of open web exchanges.

SourceTaylor Peterson

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