What Snapchat’s Major Redesign And Algorithmic Feed Means For Marketers

Snapchat is putting up divide between content from people’s friends and content from everyone else, even organic Stories from brands and other media, in a major redesign of the mobile app unveiled on Wednesday that will roll out over a number of weeks.

The redesigned Snapchat removes the Stories tab and divvies it up between a friends-only feed of Stories and private messages and an everyone-else feed of Snapchat-curated Stories from celebrities and publishers, as well as the app’s original shows and Our Stories collections.

The Friends tab replaces the Chat tab that appeared on the left side of the app, and the everyone-else Discover tab merges the previous Stories and Discover tabs into a single tab on the right side.  Advertisers can reach people through both feeds, thought there ways in ways in which brands, as well as publishers and influencers, will be able to organically reach people on Snapchat is change.

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