Moz Report: 50% Of Page One Search Results Are HTTPS

Pete Meyers, who works at Moz, reports that according to their keyword tracking tools, half of the page on search results in Google show HTPS URLs.  When compared to July 2016 reslts, this is up from 30 percent.  70 percent of the page one search results could be HTTPS by the end of the year.

Below is a chart from Moz that shows the 50 percent mark, as well as the estimated trend by the end of 2017:

This is coming from the standpoint that Google only began pushing this back in 2014 with their HTTPS ranking boost reward.  Recently, Google said that there aren’t any plans on boosting the HTTPS ranking signal, even though they actually thought about doing so a few months back.

In their toolset, Moz is tracking over 10,000 keywords, so this isn’t a full study of all queries that could return HTTPS results.  RankRanger, another similar tool, is also putting Google’s page one results at about 50 percent for HTTPS URLs.

Pete Meyers has  dug deeper into which popular websites have switched and which of them hasn’t.

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