Google Expands Assistant Device Network, Adds Polyglot Support

When to comes to advantages, Google Assistant devices has one over Echo in international markets.  The company, who wants to capitalize on this fact, is expanding multilingual support and has announced a raft of new partners.

One of the many things that was announced, one of the things users can do s switch between languages interchangeably.  This is being called “a first-of-its-kind feature only available on the Assistant,” by Google.  The company says the Assistant will be able to understand “any pair of languages within English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.”

Google even announced new third party smart displays and new smart speaker partners. In the latter category are speakers from Bang & Olufsen, Blaupunkt, Harman Kardon, Kygo, Polaroid and others. Google’s own Home Max speaker is also now available in the UK, France and Germany.

The smart display makers include LG and JBL, in addition to the already existing Lenovo device that is currently in the market.  It’s rumored that Google will be readying the launch of its own smart display later this year. These devices will be seen as “kitchen companions” by the company.  In addition to native support for Google software (Calendar, Maps, Photos), they feature YouTube, which Amazon Echo currently cannot access because of a dispute between the companies.

Google Assistant will also be available on more headphones, from including JBL, LG and more.

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