Report Says Google Is To Launch Own Smart Display In Time For The Holidays

According to Canalys, looking at over 50 million Alexa devices sold, fewer than 500,000 have been the Echo Show.  The device fails to live up to the promise of a “smart speaker with a screen.”

If we take the Echo Show and use it as a point of reference, the Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant, which has recently been launched, has been well reviewed.  It seems that even this new device seems to be falling short, since it isn’t really a tablet with a speaker.  The Lenovo seems to offer a limited “optimized experience” for the form factor.

Sure, there are some stuff that it can do fairly well, but when compared to a small tablet, it falls short.  This is where the problem lies – there’s the option to build something that’s more like an iPad in landscape mode, rather than something with a tablet on its side.

It seems that Google is directly entering the market with its own smart display.  Based on the information released by Nikkei Asian Review, Google will release its own device in time for holiday shopping this year.

The success of this new Google device will all be determined by pricing, quality and feature set.  Let’s hope that the price is $200 or less, and has functions similar to a tablet, as well as some good sound.

Based on a report from The Information, which cites internal Amazon documents, transactions on smart speakers are practically nonexistent, regardless of what consumer surveys say.  So in this case, we’ll have to see what happens when this new device hits shelves.

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