Google Announces Updates To News In Search, Adds 3D Support To Search Results And More

Several updates were announced by Google on May 7, which was the first day of its annual Google I/O developer conference. The updates cover news, top stories, images, Google Lens and others as well.

Google will roll out improvements within Google search in the Top Stories section.The top stories section will cover not only the most authoritative stories on the searched topic, but also will share information about the topic, the story timeline, and even include playable podcasts.

Google demonstrated how its augmented reality features by by bringing in 3D objects into the search results. According to Google, you can place, view and interact with 3D objects right in your own space. In a blog post, Google said that AR features in search will roll out later this month. As an example, when you search for specific animals, you will have the option to view them in 3D and AR from the Knowledge Panel.

With the Google Lens update, it will include the ability to translate text in over 100 languages. The text will also be read aloud, and will come to Google’s search app, Google Go.

Google Lens can highlight popular items on a menu. Users can click on star icons overlayed next to dishes on the menu that are matched to related reviews and photos from Google Maps.

Google is bringing Duplex to the web in order to help searchers complete tasks online, such as buying movie tickets are renting a car.

You can learn more about these updates to Assistant and why they matter in our coverage here.

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