Google Begins Massive Migrations Of Their Blogs From To

google-logoJohn Mueller of Google made an announcement that Google is migrating all their blogs from the domain they’ve been using on the more official domain name. The idea behind this migration is to help users understand that these are official blogs that are both managed and operated by Google.

The migration started with their Google Webmaster Blog, which can be found at  If anybody tries going to the original site,, they will be redirected to using a 301 redirect.

Google is planning on eventually migrating all of their blogs to over the next several months.

John Mueller said that “the previous address will redirect to the new domain, so your bookmarks and links will continue to work.”  Regarding the RSS feeds and comment URLs, they will not redirect, meaning you will need to resubscribe to those separately.

From an SEO perspective, this will be interesting how things will work out for Google.


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