Bing Spotted Showing Domain Sources In Image Carousels

A new image carousel feature is being tested by Bing that features a preview of the image accompanied by the page title and domain name on its main search results page. “We’re experimenting with it on a set of image answer queries,” the Bing Images team said.

This test was seen by digital marketing consultant Frank Sandtmann, who, although based in Germany, noticed it showing in US results.

Left: Bing’s current image carousel. Right: The experimental image carousel with page title and domain name.

By being able to display the source of the image, it might make it easier for users to get familiar with your brand, helping to improve CTR from those already familiar with it.

If the carousel links directly to the image source, then optimizing your images to be included in the carousel can be another source of traffic.

SourceGeorge Nguyen

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