Facebook Rolls Out Updates To Its App Dashboard, Giving Developers More Control Over App Permissions

On Tuesday, Facebook announced new tools in the App Dashboard to help streamline the app review process for developers. The updates will enable app developers to only request the necessary permissions for apps.

These tools will even help Facebook better understand how developers are using and accessing the platform. With these updates, developers can request access to only the required permissions and information from Facebook.

The updates includes the following:

More clarity around permissions

During the app review process, Facebook made it easier for developers to understand which permissions they need with a new tool that sees beyond API calls and commonly used endpoints.

Remove unwanted permissions

Facebook is currently notifying developers with messages about the permissions requested, as well as with the action needed by the developer. With this feature, developers are able to remove permission access from the dashboard and will no longer receive messages related to it.

View App Review requests

Facebook launched a new page that lets developers access past permission requests made in App Review. This information gives teams insight into what permissions have been requested before and improves submissions moving forward.

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