Twilio Study Finds Consumers Prefer Email And Text When Communicating With Brands

Twilio, a cloud communications platform, has release a study finding consumers preferred email and text when talking to brands, despite a wide selection of channels.

The survey had responses from 2,500 global consumers, saying that, despite negative consumer sentiment towards how businesses approach communications, they are likely to adhere to their preferred channels.

“Everyday at Twilio, we hear from brands who want to improve their customer experience yet are overwhelmed by the increasingly complex communications landscape,” said Sara Varni, chief marketing officer at Twilio. “There is a lot to be done to improve the current state of how companies engage with their customers and it starts with knowing which channels consumers prefer and how to personalize the medium to align with the context of the interaction.”

It’s important to know how our audience wants to hear from us in order to keep them engaged with brands. In the study, the findings include that channel, frequency (61%), irrelevant content (56%), not remembering opting in (41%) and being contacted on the wrong communication channel (33%).

83% of consumers said that they prefer receiving emails. Texts are twice as popular for urgent messages, such as delivery or arrival notification or appointment reminders.

According to the research, personalization is increasingly important to Millennial and Gen Z consumers, who are both more likely to reward brands who meed preferences or penalize businesses for subpar communication experiences.

Across all respondents, Twilio found that 75% have rewarded a business for using the right communication channel with 71% saying they have penalized brands for not delivering on the right channel. 34% indicated they will make a purchase from a business that communications with them on their preferred channel.

SourceJennifer Cannon

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