What Are Some Ways You Can Create Engaging And SEO-Friendly Content?

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By creating well-optimized content that is both engaging and SEO-friendly, search engines can show your article for relevant queries in the top results. By making sure that you write with these in mind, you can increase traffic to your site and grow your audience.

Of course, there is a formula to creating strong content that is great for both SEO and your audience. It’s all about writing for the user first, and then make sure you optimize it for the search engines after that. The main take away from this is that you want to make sure you’re writing for both. Don’t get so focused on one of them and forget about the other. If you wrote for the user, but forgot to consider SEO, you might find that your content is showing up less.

In a Search Engine Journal post, Ron Lieback shows us 17 ways we can create engaging content that your audience will love, as well as the search engines!

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