When Is Paying For Facebook Ads Engagement Worth It?

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Do you remember the old days of trying to advertise your business on Facebook before they introduced their ad platform? You just had to post blog posts, product offers and the like, and hope they stuck with your target audience.

But now, it seems that from a business standpoint, things have become pay-to-win. The unfortunate part of this is that if you have a small budget, it can be really difficult to compete against those who aren’t restrained by the same budget limitations. This means you won’t get nearly as much ad coverage as your competition, allowing them to get more business than you.

There is something you might want to consider though – regardless of whether you’ve been in the industry for years, or you’ve just started out as a company, you will want to think about when you should spend money on advertising or pass up on the opportunity.

If you do decide paying for engagement on Facebook, you will want to check out the tips on maximizing your ROI from Brooke Osmundson on Search Engine Journal.

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