Google Is Suggesting Searches Based On Users’ Recent Activity

Google is surfacing suggested search queries base on recent activity. The suggestion is displayed as a link below the search bar with the modifying term bolded and italicized.

These suggestions an be quite nuanced.

This was first reported on by Android Police.

In order to get the above suggestion, first a search was done for “google home,” and based on that history, Google suggested a query that blended the two queries with a common thread of the Assistant.

Query 1: “google home” > Query 2: “noise cancelling headphones” > Google’s suggested query: “noise cancelling headphones with google assistant”

Clicking on the suggestion takes the user to the search results for that query.

Apparently, users must be logged into their Google accounts in order to get these suggestions.

These search suggestions also appear to trigger outside of the e-commerce context. Below are a few examples.

The suggestion for “streaming” was influenced because I did a search for YouTube before.

Personalized search suggestions can help users find what they’re looking for, and in some cases, even influence behavior by exposing them to options that they might not have otherwise considered.

SourceGeorge Nguyen

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