Copy MacRumor’s $7.8M Dollar Link Building Strategy

First off, some people may have not have even heard of MacRumors. If you haven’t, let’s briefly talk about what it even is. MacRumors is a site that aggregates Mac and Apple related news, rumors and reports, which was launched back in early 2000. MacRumors attempts to keep track of the rumor community by consolidating reports and cross-referencing claims.

MacRumors has quite a few referring domains (190,000!). as well as getting about 10 million search visits a month. The site has a reviews subfolder which gets over half of their organic traffic.

Since their detailed product reviews get a lot of links, how does MacRumors get them?

In the following Ahrefs video, they take a look at Macrumors’ huge, $7.8 million dollar link building strategy and the 3 key principles that can turn content into link magnets.

What are the three principles?

  1. Scarcity
  2. Audience amplification
  3. Speed of delivery

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