Google App Update Contains AMP Feature And More

Google-Accelerated-Mobile-PagesOn May 27, Google has updated their app (at least for the iOS, but I’m assuming the Android version has been updated as well, but I don’t have access to an Android device) to feature some faster ways to access information through the app.

What are the features that have been updated in the latest update for the Google app?

Accelerated Mobile Pages

The biggest feature that has been updated is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).  Now, if you’re using the Google app, any AMP related articles will work when using the app.  In the search results, if you spot a lightening bold an an “AMP next to articles int he “Top Stories” section, just tap on it and the article will load up for you to read.

Sports Highlight Videos in Now Cards

With this new feature, anytime you get a sports highlights card, you can tap the play button and watch the video right there without having to open up a new webpage.

Other Updates

Keyboard shortcuts for iPad users – iPad users can now use keyboard shortcuts with their external keyboards to search and navigate quicker throughout the app.  Just hold the “Command” key to see the list of supported shortcuts.

You can also see the busiest hours for places and local businesses directly from the search results page.  You don’t have to tap and expand the local search result anymore.


Google App May 27 update

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