What Are Some Ways To Make Your E-commerce Experience Both Engaging And Bright?

With other holiday seasons, we always hear that there’s no place like home, but because of the pandemic, this is especially true. When holiday shopping, online shopping is going to be especially big since many of us are avoiding large crowds.

According to Deloitte, they are predicting that due to the pandemic, this year’s holiday e-commerce sales will increase heavily by 15% to 35%, which will equal $182 billion and $196 billion in sales.

With this knowledge, that means that brands that have an online presence will have an incredible opportunity to take a piece of that pie.

There are some simple ways that your brand can enhance your e-commerce site in order to get in the good graces with your customers this season. What are these tips?

Check out Search Engine Land’s here for 4 ways to engage customers and improve their e-commerce experience.

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