Google Simplifies Ad Creation Of YouTube Ads For SMBs

In an announced made on June 21, 2021 during International Small Business Week, Google said that they are launching a simplified ad creation workflow for video ads on YouTube, and is now available globally on both desktop and mobile.

With this new workflow, advertisers have the ability to launch a campaign by adding a video, selecting the specific audiences, and designating a budget.

Examples of the simplified video ad creation workflow on mobile
The new mobile YouTube ad creation workflow (left) and campaign metrics (right).

According to YouTube’s official blog:

“Today we’re introducing a faster, easier way to create video ad campaigns on YouTube. Just add the video ad, the audiences you want to reach and your budget to launch a campaign in minutes. And with the new mobile experience, you can now more easily measure campaign performance.”

Originally, advertisers had to the full functionality of Google Ads to launch a video ad campaign on YouTube.

To access the new experience, you can check it out at

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