Reddit Shares Insights into the Evolving Father’s Day Discussion in the App (Infographic)

When we think of something like Father’s Day and other seasonal times in terms of advertising, Reddit isn’t the first thing you’d think of, right? It’s only reasonable to think that, but isn’t it about time to reevaluate this thought? After all, Reddit has 52 million daily active users, as well as a suit of ad options that marketers can use to reach them.

This is why Reddit might be a place you might want to consider using as a source of valuable research and outreach options for your brand.

Although the Reddit community doesn’t really love the idea of ads on the platform, it might be a great place to engage people for a number of things in order to build resonant, responsive campaigns.

A new collection of insights specifically focusing on Father’s Day was published by Reddit.

Even after looking at the following infographic and reading up on LinkedIn’s published insights, you may not consider Reddit as your main platform, but it’s worth the time looking over relevant subreddits related to your business!

Check out the infographic below!

Reddit Father's Day engagement stats

Source – Social Media Today

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