What Are Some Smart Tools That Can Boost Your Digital Marketing in 2021?

With 2020 almost over with, it’s time to begin looking towards the future, or more specifically, towards 2021.

It awesome how many tools we are seeing coming from brands and companies that help us with everyday marketing efforts. It’s crazy how much innovation there is in today’s digital marketing tools that we get to play around with and see what works.

It’s a good idea to try experimenting with as many tools as possible so then that way, you will have an edge over all of your competition. Innovation and creativity has a heads up over pure big budget alone.

There are five tools that you can try out in order to make your 2021 great!

  1. Lightricks Beatleap: Create Beautiful Social Media Videos
  2. VennGage: Create a Brand Kit
  3. SentiOne: AI-Powered Social Listening
  4. Finteza: Identify Your Best Performing Content and CTAs
  5. Text Optimizer: Create Smarter content

For more details on each of these five tools, check out Social Media Today!

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