Free Airtable Pro For Humanitarian Causes, Salesforce Sunsets 3 Features

Humanitarian Help

Airtable, a work collaboration platform is offering a free verison of its Airtable Pro plan for the next three months for non-political organizations that are managing humanitarian efforts related to the coronavirus.

Not only that, the company is giving people access to its remote live training sessions. This training is a resource that was previously available to just enterprise teams. To take advantage of this, complete this registration form and Airtable will respond within approximately one business day. There are even plans to give access to students and schools who are transitioning to emote classes.

Source: Airtable

Sunsetting Features

An email from Salesforce was sent to users this week announcing it was retiring three different features:

  1. Its paid Data Recovery service
  2. The platform’s Apex:flash component
  3. Support for Lightning Experience with Microsoft Edge Legacy

From this point on, Salesforce is gong to send a “Feature Retirement” monthly digest listing whatever features are being scheduled to shutter. These listings are going to include a link to an article that explains why the feature is going away, as well as its end date.

Source: Salesforce

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