BlueVenn Adds Native Email Component To Its CDP Platform

BlueVenn, a customer data platform, is launching an email component to its platform. With this new component available, users will have the ability to create email marketing campaigns without using an external email solution that integrates with the CDP platform.

“Email is still a batch and blast marketing tool, disconnected from other online and offline channels,” said BlueVenn CEO Steve Klin, “This new functionality ensures that marketers can evolve a multi-channel methodology.”

This email functionality will allow BlueVenn’s CDP to sync customer data and events from offline interactions and purchase within its new email channel, which will help boost personalization capabilities.

An extra benefits will be being able to unify multiple email addresses for a user. “Email marketing platforms generally rely on an email address as a unique identifier, which can present problems when a single customer has multiple email addresses,” explains Chris Hayes, BlueVenn’s VP of engineering, “Having your email marketing directly powered by the CDP enables you to utilize the data held in all areas of the business to improve the relevancy of your emails.”

The new email functionality comes with email design and creative elements, along with the ability to merge tags and include trackable URLs, social media links and unsubscribe buttons.

SourceAmy Gesenhues

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