How Agencies Are Using Call Tracking So They Remain Indispensable To Clients

Back in the days before we did everything on the internet regarding spending money (like shopping and paying for products and services and the like) when it came to tracking ad effectiveness, we had to ask customers how they heard of us. Was it from a newspaper ad? Magazine? Television?

But now, with the advent of digital ads and more sophisticated ad tracking, it’s a lot easier to find out exactly how somebody found your ad. In fact, digital ads now are making up over 50% of US advertising expenditures.

digital channels have allowed digital marketing agencies to:

  • Better monitor and analyze complex customer journeys 
  • Demonstrate campaign results to clients using hard data 
  • More easily educate clients on the customer journey 
  • Help clients ensure they’re properly following up on leads 

But how are agencies using call tracking to remain important to their clients? CallRail has a post on Search Engine Land that gives us all the details on that.

Read more here to find out more.

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