Salesforce Adds Process Improvements To Sales Cloud, Einstein AI To Pardot

An update has been made by Salesforce to its Sales Cloud to provide what the company said is more integrated process.  Not only that, it has added its Einstein AI to its B2B marketing platform, Pardot.

The company introduced High Velocity Sales in the spring of last year, which offered a number of new features to help salespeople close deals faster.  Several of the enhancements introduced are intended to build out the unified processes begun with High Velocity.

Will Moxley, the SVP of Sales Cloud Product Management, said in an interview that man new sales reps are right out of college, so the new Sales Cadences let managers specify the exact process sequences to her time.

The new Work Queues turn the Cadences into a prioritized email and call list, defining a sequence of steps that the sales rep can take to follow the Cadences.

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