Six Ways You Can Create Engaging Video Content For Social Media

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We’ve all seen it. Video content is everywhere these days, and not just on places like YouTube. We’ve seen it on social media platforms, and websites. Brands are utilizing video more and more to pull in an audience and get them engaging with the content, as well as the brands themselves.

Social algorithms are finding video much more important these days as the video format becomes more popular with people. This is why you want to make sure you put video on a pedestal in your content marketing strategy playbook.

What are some of the reasons why video content is more important than ever?

  1. Videos are a great way to explain your product
  2. Videos have a great return on investment
  3. You can use video in a variety of ways
  4. People love video
  5. Videos are great for SEO

So what are some great ways you can create engaging video content that you can use in your social media marketing efforts? Neal Schaffer has a post over on his website where he talks about six of these ways! Go check it out!

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