LinkedIn Sales Navigator Adds Features To Streamline Workflows

On February 12, LinkedIn rolled out a number of features for Sales Navigator, which will make it easier to add leads from sales prospects to Salesforce, share content within a Sales Navigator account, get alerts when a company account shows signs of growth, and more.

Users of Salesforce can now add contacts to their Salesforce accounts without needing to switch between the two platforms. Users can have Sales Navigator connected to their Salesforce account with a “click of a button.” Users can enter publicly available lead information into Salesforce (and soon Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales) without leaving the Sales Navigator platform. If there are any duplicate contacts in your Salesforce CRM, the duplicates will be scrubbed in order to avoid multiple entries for the same lead.

Sales Navigator now lets you easily add leads to your CRM.

A new alert that is found in Sales Navigator will notify you if a company on your saved accounts lists has added more than one job posting: “Indicating that the company is growing — a signal that there may be new opportunities that the sales organization could pursue.”

There is also a Smart Links feature that lets users “package and share” content within their Sales Navigator accounts. With this feature, users can track viewing behavior, which lets them see who is engaging with the content. According to LinkedIn, Smart Links is an “evolution” of its PointDrive feature.

There are also two search features:

  1. Users have the ability to save account searches
  2. Users can also share lead search queries with your team (assuming you have a Sales Navigator contract). With this feature, Sales Navigator can alert you when a new account meets your search criteria.

Users will have the option of opting out of activity in their personal Sales Navigator settings (removing any of their own activities from metrics like days active, searches performed and profile views). The platform also has a new analytics integration with the addition of InsightSquared as a SNAP :Sales Navigator Application Platform) partner.

Not only are users getting all of these updates, Sales Navigator “Team” customers will get the refreshed usage reporting features that were announced last quarter, which included new navigation, metrics and data filters. Mobile users now have the ability to customize Sales Navigator app alerts, use filters to choose which notifications they want to receive via the app.

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