What Are Five Ways You Can Increase Your Google Rankings?

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Search engine optimization is a cornerstone of inbound marketing success. the biggest search engine on the planet, Google, is the biggest area of opportunity for inbound marketers.

Since Google’s inception back in 1998, SEO has really changed. We went from keyword stuffing, a focus on content quantity, and link schemes, to focusing on local SEO, quality content, the prioritization of mobile, and more. It’s amazing how much SEO has changed over the last two decades.

We are seeing search engines using personalization, geolocation, user information and interests, and more to be a great judge of what great content is.

One of the things Google has really improved on over the years is how websites rank in the SERPs. Google’s algorithm evolved over the years to become the beast that we know it is today.

With the way Google ranks websites, many would wonder how to rank their website. After all, there are so many factors that go into the process that it can be confusing for most of us.

In a Search Engine Journal post, Chuck Price breaks down the steps you need to take to boost your Google SERPs. If you’re having a hard time ranking well, then Chuck’s post will help out immensely.

Check out his post over here for help!

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